Monday, September 28, 2009

The Impossible Project

I had heard that Polaroid was no longer making instant film - but hadn't paid any attention to that until I found my old camera and now need the film.  Over the weekend, I went with one of my daughters to Urban Outfitters - I love the edginess to that store, the combinations you don't expect and the build-outs they do.  They had a bookcase section filled with instant cameras and some film - not what I needed, but I thought it kinda strange.  One of those "hmmm, this is interesting" moments.

Back on the internet I searched for the film and found The Impossible Project (IM).  IM has a year to develop new film that does what polaroid film used to do. They have teamed up with Urban Outfitters to create more awareness and Urban is selling the last of the Polaroid instant cameras and film and bringing awareness to The Impossible Project. Interesting for a fashion store to team up with a venture business trying to redevelop instant film for vintage cameras.

What I find interesting about The Impossible Project - is the company's request for help, on a website, from regular folks. On the "support us" page you can buy a t-shirt (all profits go to The Impossible Project). You can Share Your Knowledge: right now they need and want you to contact them if you know about this: We urgently need Latex that can easily be coated on gelatin base. Thickness of the dried layer is about 2 micron.The developer used in instant film is a viscous solution, containing 2N alkaline. (totally out of my knowledge range.) And, you can also email them to tell them how you personally can help with their quest.

This is taking the neighborhood concept of talking to your nearby neighbors and businesses to help solve a problem to the world scale. While I know this happens, it was the first time I ran into it in such a large, open, world-wide way.

Thought you all might find it interesting, too. And, I'm hoping they can make the film,


La Dolce Vita said...

that is so cool!!!

Kimmie said...

amazing ..... who would a thunk it even just a few years ago ..... what else will become a forgotten art with few if any experts? it's actually kind of scary - seems like the edge of the dark ages somehow - when lots of books were lost forever ..... I ramble ;)