Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farmer's Market - a bit late

Busy with other things has taken over my life recently.  A good/bad thing - but I am taking steps to take back the "my" part of my life.  Have been sorting through the what do you really want to do with the "only so much time" portion.

Photos - now that is important.  I feel I'm constantly loosing an opportunity when I don't have my camera.  Thinking about buying a smaller one to fit easily in my pocket - sacrifice some quality for availability.

The sweet corn was piled high, high, high in the bed of this pickup truck.  Colorado - Growing Your Future - isn't that a lovely license plate?  The farmer didn't appear too happy when I stooped down low to take this phtos, so I figured out how to alter the license plate - you know, to protect the identity of the farmer.  Am I always "responsible" - hmmmm.

This will join my collection of Yellow photos.

Ah - the flowers combine for their riot of colors.

On the My TODO list - maybe that should be MyTODO list - if it is all one word, does it become more singularly important?  Hmmm.

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nancy neva gagliano said...

...GLAD you were out vegging at the market. hangin' with the flowers. sharin' with your friends.