Friday, September 4, 2009

Grounded Myself

I've grounded myself. Not in the "in touch with myself" sort of grounding, or no more flying that airplane (I don't have an airplane or know how to fly) but in the time-tested sense of the parental role of "YOU ARE GROUNDED UNTIL YOU CLEAN UP THAT PIGSTY OF A ROOM OF YOURS!"

Not a proud moment for myself. My "creative space, work room, very junky room" is totally out of control. Way too long since the last organization, cleaning, tossing event. Last week I happened to stumble upon a TV show called "Hoarders" or something like that. People who just can't throw things out and end up with quite a mess on their hands. When suddenly, I realized - OMG - I know a space like that! WHAT IF a TV camera came into my room - OMG I'd be fodder for TV headlines..... Minor panic attack set in.

So, last weekend - I took some BEFORE photos of the space. Have to tell you, I am way TOO embarrassed to post them. I need the AFTER before I post the BEFORE. Or, I'm sure I would be voted off the art blog arena and sent to the Hoarder Blog arena - People magazine would be after me, I'm sure - and a psychologist or two.

This is a 3 day weekend. No ART. No Creating. No posting pretty pictures or words on my blog - well, OK I did do a 10 minute - very small glue a few things on paper art project the other morning - but other than that - I have tied myself into THAT room with a box of garbage bags (very large) for donating and tossing. Wish me luck. Hope to be back with some photos soon.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when the desk is clean?
Wishing you a lovely holiday weekend!

nancy neva gagliano said...

you've done it. grounded yourself. well.......the good news is you'll be out soon now. many of us miss you. love your writing, what's new there? and can't WAIT TO SEE THE BEFORE AND AFTER photos.
you are going to be REBORN, REvitalized, REmarkable, REwarded, REINVENTED, REsting.

La Dolce Vita said...

LOL! because my studio is a complete mess and I went to greeley yesterday to visit with art friends and her studio was huge and organized and just gorgeous! : { and then compared it to this chaos that in all fairness is serving me as I work to get the paintings and nichos done for Taos, but geez I wish I could find my scissors!!!!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

You will no doubt find that we all have our stashes (I am a piler not a filer!) and that they all get out of control sometimes. Sometimes I don't mind the mess in my space, it looks like the fruit if creativity to me...but then other times I actually see it as the mess that it is and it's the complete opposite of inspiring! Good on you for realising that now is the time to sorting and re-finding and re-homing. I wonder what patterns you will discover? You know like...I remember the 'blue' stage then it was faces...and oh look 2 stages later I am back at blue!