Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekends of gray and rain

Weekend, after weekend, of rain. Gray, too. The lush of green in a high plains desert is just not natural. Feeling the coop up from the weather. Gray skies are nice, to a point - but couldn't they come on say Tuesday and Wednesday? What IS the deal with arriving on the week-ends. vbg - "patience, my dear, patience," she says to herself as if she'll believe it.

So - guess I'll get out some paint and paper, put a cover on the table - oh, and some laundry on, so I'm "doing something" and see what develops. Maybe do a bit of a blog wander to get the spirit up for paint. And maybe - it'll be a redbull and cranberry juice afternoon. Some days - you just have to do what it takes to recapture the mo-ti-VA-tion!
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nancy neva gagliano said...

IS red bull and cranberry juice being packed for the DAYTIME beverage of choice @ studio in the skye?

Has michigan weather moved to you? AND the outer banks with its no'eastern. honestly.

the balloon looks a little sad. hope the spirits were all higher than that!!!

Robyn said...

Hmmmm..Redbull for motivation......might just give it a try.

Kimmie said...

I think all our usual Memorial Day rain headed somewhere else (like to you guys) .... FOR ONCE we had sunshine and warmth! ..... but, boy, how nice to have a little 3 day break - rain or shine :)

caterina giglio said...

It normally rains Memorial Day in Fort Collins, but not usually all weekend LONG! enough with the Seattle weather! guess that is why I have had so many starbucks espresso's this weekend! I like your blog and I will be back! thanks!