Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For Family

My mom, sisters and I all live in different states. The sisters haven't seen each other in a long time (years) - Mom I saw a couple of months ago. Thank goodness for fb, texting, email, phone calls and the rare (very rare) smail.

My mom can't easily get out for shopping, so I took my camera out with me to share some of the displays that I thought she would like. Twelve days of Christmas ornaments. In  a grade school (Greenwood Elementary) Christmas pagent I was one half of the duet singing two turtle doves.  Why they chose me to sing a duet, I'll never know - I can not sing.  Love to pretend I can - but the truth is - I can't.

Sparkly and bright - orderly too.

Mom is a dyed in the wool, lover of red and white (kitchen cabinets - wall paper - the red house) and always put some ornaments of one sort or another in glass dishes with greenery. Just some memories here. Love to one and all.
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neva gagliano said...

a sweet road to go down, taking a breath from your busy-ness and wrappings....

ELK said...

relish the series of shots with all the sparkle from the glasses...the curves and colors...what a nice space here!