Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Christmas Do Over Wish

It is -8F out today, too cold to play in my art play room, so I'm at the kitchen table at 6:00 am.  Toby, decided to help me out or maybe supervise.  She also "helps" me with yoga, tackling outstretched arms and legs for a couple of playful bites. :-)

This year - if I could have a do-over for Christmas decorations I'd do something like this.  Just love the playfulness.  I'm sure what I have is playful - but if feels boring playful.  You know, like I've seen it TOO MANY TIMES! Fun to have these designs to look at - creative fodder for my next play date with ART!
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nancy neva gagliano said...

good to see toby, and the spread before you...
the "less is more" me has two poinsetta plants, wreaths on the doors outside, a small tree outdoors, and candleish lites in the front windows.
look forward to a shot of your finished product! and brrrrrrrr, the weather has come here!!
(hmmm, verification word=elseedi=!!)

ArtPropelled said...

Absolutely delightful! I enlarged the 2nd photograph and just love this look.

Fran Meneley said...

Nice help there, Renee...lovely journal glad we are out of the deep freeze! xoxo frannie