Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alex's Dahlia

My neighbor, Alex, grows the most magnificent dahlias.
End of August, beginning of September they begin unfurling their many petals forming softball sized orbs of wings.
I used to strive for the perfect photo of the perfect flower at the perfect time of day. I've moved toward favoring a flower's reality. The dust of orange pollen. Petals just beginning to add a touch of brown to their whiteness.
Edges of a frothy delight.
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nancy neva gagliano said...

I AM GLAD YOU'RE BACK FROM THE CAVE...missed your posts, and this one is stunning, the photos, your thoughts and writing.
a good friend AND a good writer!!

nancy neva gagliano said...

and good philosophy for our lives...NOT TO WAIT for the perfect photo, flower, moment, time...but 'breathing in' our realities!!
hmmmmm, this is very VLL . . .for the new blog!!

Kimmie said...

I think they must all be perfect ..... so the search is in past tense .... Perfectly beautiful