Saturday, February 25, 2012

Planet Renee

No lives were lost during the filming of this event.

 The plan: Arise before sunrise, drive downtown, shoot some urban landscape.  My buddy, Neva, has been going out with a photography group shooting nature, so I decided to join her - a couple of states and a timezone or two away. As I pulled out of the driveway, I changed my mind about the urban theme and drove to this little pond open space.  Turns out it was the right decision.

 Magnificent goose fight: Territorial argument? Gang fight? Courting?  I have no idea.  It was intense and  went on for a couple of minutes.  Water splashing.  Wings flapping.  Beaks biting. The rest of the flock was honking, beeping, swimming around - going absolutely nuts.

 At one point one of the geese tried to hold the other goose under water.  Or maybe the underwater goose was making a fast getaway?  I don't know about these things.

Yikes.  I stayed in photographer mode and didn't yell or scream and try to break them up.  I only felt a wee bit guilty about letting them duke it out.  Luckily I had set my camera on sport mode so I must have snapped a hundred pictures. Gotta love digital...

Hanging in the hood - you never know.

What's in your neighorhood today?


Stephanie said...

great action shots! wonder if it's mating season already??


nancy neva gagliano said...

SUCH your hood. it's 6:30 here and i'm about to leave on "assignment"....happy to know i have your company in spirit...what adventure lies in wait? i will report back...and i'll shift to SPORT mode if need be.

why does August seem like it's only a few weeks away?

Caterina Giglio said...

much calmer here in the mitten state!
yes! THOSE Ringlings... John and Maude... incredible museum, I highly recommend it.... they brought an Italian theatre over and reassembled it and they regularly have plays and events... unbeleiveable! x

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Ready, camera...action!