Sunday, January 29, 2012

Street Life; Still Life; Tough Life

At the end of the day, night closing in.
A still life of someone's work day on the median of a busy street.
Cinder block to sit upon.
Magazine flipped open to read.
Several drinks sipped.

Did the person walk away?
Get arrested for panhandling?
Is it set up for tomorrow's work?

Challenges, street side.


nancy neva gagliano said...

this brought to the surface many feelings
...that real life i sometimes turn away from.
a life's story unfolding

thank you for 'going there'...

Stephanie said...

This looks like such an interested class...getting you to look at the world.


kimmie said...

I imagine it as an early morning "bus stop" ... in So Calif the street corners were filled with hopeful migrants waiting for a days' work to come their way in the form of a pick up truck .... always before daybreak ... a furtive 5 minute campout