Saturday, October 1, 2011

my "be braver" challenge

October 2011 - back to photos and my blog friends.  Hello, hello everyone! I've missed this place.

Where I've been: August - big project for work (all good, but not time for blog thoughts and photos).  September - recovery from August.

Then, there was that little problem that all my photos had filled up my disc space.  I couldn't do ANYTHING in photoshop because there was too much stuff on my Mac.  Sad clutter moment.  I deleted the bad, duplicative, weird photos. Then backed up the favs in two places.  It was another week before I actually deleted the photos.  That nagging worry - would I ever see them again????

Finally got over myself and pressed "delete" bunches.

The photo above is my latest "be braver" challenge to myself.  I've been carrying my camera in my purse forever.  I take photos of the inanimate all the time.  be braver - taking street photos of people.  From the back.  I'll work up to faces (when I'm really, really brave).

Then I had to figure out what to wear.  So I looked more artsy and photography like.  I also have my artsy business cards - just in case I have to explain myself.  I haven't had to yet - but just in case.

So - it's people street photography for me for a bit - I want to expand from nature and the inanimate.

Happy October - looking forward to checking in with everyone! 
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kimmie said...

I pressed delete a while back by accident .... Yikes! Then I had to "dig" through the "trash" to retrieve the data. I never retrieved it all. It's a scary thing to have our photos hanging in a virtual reality with no negatives to have and to hold.

I find it hard to photograph people too ... Great idea to dress the part and have cards ready :)

Jill Zaheer said...

Hi Renee, So glad you are moving forward with your inner heart to take these photos. Wonderful one that you've posted. I am sure you fit right in as the photographer that you are! So, it's faces next!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. And remember, there is always the next time, and the next time and the next time too!! As for your computer issues, how we all feel for you. I lost all my photos on my mac in december- it's where I stored all of them. It's a process to get over - but guess it's a sign to move forward and take new ones- perhaps in a different direction as you are doing now! Have a super october- and thanks so much for stopping by. Means so much to me! xo

nancy neva gagliano said...

you always have the best ideas. i've been wanting to shoot (photograph) people from above, looking down. hmmmmmm......maybe i'll "shoot" people at the opening on friday.
i need business cards. too.
my new glasses will work for me if i pursue people ...
let the stalking begin!

actually, i've also been thinking of "still lifes" know, setting stuff up. THAT very likely will not happen. but other people do it well. too much thinking. no capturing! x0

Joan Elizabeth said...

I've been exactly where you are going ... sneaking street photos and I've never got brave enough to do faces. Reverted back to trees and flowers. I look forward to seeing how you go.