Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

 Happy Halloween!  I LOVE pumpkins!  So cute.  So carvable.  So decorative.  So ORANGE!
A few pumpkin sketches I drew with a Sketch & Wash pencil and then dipped a paint brush in some strong coffee to create the orange tint above.  I also tried tea, which wasn't as successful.

Above is an example with plain ol' clear water and the Sketch & Wash pencil.  Love the sketch and wash.  Also in the photo is one of my favorite brushes, it holds water really well.  It's part squirrel hair (which is really gross so try not think about it) - a Silver, Black Velvet paint brush.

I attached the pumpkins to cards and sent them on their Halloween way to some friends.  And of course, mailed them before I remembered to take photos of the finished project.

Hope you have a fun evening with all the lovely Trick or Treaters!


nancy neva gagliano said...

BOO back to you...
love the pumpkins, and that squirrel brush must be a must have. . .and love the lesson, you drawer you!

kimmie said...

Those pumpkins are fun! They look very natural and organic and fresh out of the garden :)

I would love to try a squirrel brush ... They have hair to spare :)