Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 Bumps and a Bug

Kim Klassen's texture: Robin's Egg
As I played with my photo, Imagination said, "Hey - this looks like the cover of a children's book. You do see it, don't you?"
I replied, "Really?"
I replied again, "Hmmmm, yes, yes it does"
Enthusiasm mounted, "OK - I'll design of the cover of an unwritten children's book."
It feels a bit "cheaty" to design a cover of a fake book, but since we are working with layers and textures altering a photo, it seemed like an ok little white lie-ish sort of thing. Among friends, you know.
On the photoshop side of things: I played around with the lasso tool and gradients - I was trying to create some worn spots on the cover. Need to pay with this a bit more.
Story behind the texture story: You know that feeling when you spy the shot and get so excited you can barely hold your camera steady? That's what happened to me with this photo:

I spotted the opportunity from our deck above the patio. Ran into the house, dragged out the ladder, hauled it down a flight of stairs, climbed atop and snapped. (I'm just over 5' 1" so when I say "drag and haul" I mean it.) The scene is the very beginnings of a wasp nest attached to a large table umbrella. After putting the ladder away, including hauling it back up a flight of stairs, the photos remained in the camera for a couple of days.
On download day, as I flipping through the pictures, I saw that darned, teeny, tiny gnat, just hanging out in the shade of the wasp nest. Disappointment grabbed my photo heart - "stupid bug." I thought for a split second about hauling out the ladder again. Quickly decided against that, a bit too much work.

 And besides, I need to learn to "compose" a photo - not just snap away - especially if the photo involves a ladder and a flight of stairs. Next time, in addition to watching for unwanted pet hair, a straight branch, etc. I will also look for bugs.
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Linda Makiej said...

Wonderful texture work!!

Melinda said...

I love this! As a retired first grade teacher, I really appreciate the "fake" book cover- very creative!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ha ha. Nearly every flower I shoot has a bug in it. The trouble is I can't see them at all until I the photo on the computer ... no amount of deciding to look before I shoot helps ... they are tiny.

helena said...

I want to read the book ! your enthusiasm and sense of whimsy is a tonic

Miriam said...

This is really fabulous, I love what you said about composing /noticing bugs! I have the same difficulty as Joan Elizabeth, I cant see them until they reach my screen! Hey ho, nature & me, not perfect. Thanks fo visiting me, so glad I came by here this morning.

neva gagliano said...

what a "story" you did tell about the untold story within the imagined book cover!
and your characters of imagination and enthusiasm...hmmmmm. . .could be a book?

thanks for explaining...there is NO WAY i'd have figured this out. luv it.

neva gagliano said...

and when are you going to offer a workshop?
so i can learn to "lasso"...!

Angi said...

very creative one!

Lynne said...

Great job and great post! I Would be a cool book cover! I had to deal with wasp nests yesterday-not a pretty sight, but the grandkids are coming to visit, so had to dispose of them.

Kia said...

Very creative! :)