Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pretend I am a Tree, please

Those "trees" - a stamp I created from the burr bush below.
The background - a texture I painted (with real paint).
Layered on is a Kim Klassen texture: celebrate January.

The burr bush before it was a stamp.
On a recent walk in the wild next to my little corner of suburbia, I snapped the gray photo above. As I took the photo I was so excited about the silhouette of the burr bush against the sky. It was also a change of appreciation for a burr bush - a nemesis from my childhood of brushing those burrs out of horse tails and dog fur. When I got back to "the lab" (photoshop at the kitchen counter) I was really dissappointed with the photo. So I succumbed to Photoshop's lure of "I wonder what I can do with this."
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Stephanie said...

you took it from gray winter to spring sunset...
very cool stamps.

Hope you had a wonderful! Mother's Day! I agree it's OUR day!
did I say before that I love the new banner?

Amy said...

I like the red tones, very rustic-looking!

peabeapatch.com said...

Wow, I think what you did with it is really amazing. Love it, and thanks so much for visiting my Texture Tuesday.


A Box of Chocolates said...

hi I learnt how to make brushes with Kim Klassen a while back and this is a great brush, i never thought of using a photo of plants like that great idea.

neva gagliano said...

with REAL paint!! UR2MUCH!!