Friday, May 20, 2011

experimenting - facing pages

Experimenting with paint in a moleskine (pages about 9" w x 12" h). Using expired credit cards to mush the paint about.  Experiment is the key term here.
I'm loving the way the pages creak when they turn.
At some point, I'll attach "stuff" to the pages.

circle-ish. pencil and oil pastels added.

Viewing through the camera lens -
I can see the mess on the right.
 Perhaps I'll paint over with white.
Or glue something down.

The right page gets the paint, the left gets the leftover scraping.

This kept looking like flowers to me - flowers in need of stems - sooooo...

Stems and leaves from the edge of the expired credit cards.
 I have decided I don't like brushes.
 For now.

Added a bit more darkness (or maybe it's depth) to the flowers.
 And some white to brighten.

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neva gagliano said...

LUV, LOVE, La-of, this use of credit card, color, intuition, happenings......flowering your depth and brightness!! x0

Becca said...

Love what you are doing here with the paints and oil pastels!

Evelyn S. said...

Oh ... a real artist! This is so much fun to see!

Renee Howell said...

Thanks Art friends!!!!

Stampmouse said...

very cool