Sunday, March 27, 2011

Old School Lineup

Weekly personal challenge:
Open any ol' file folder,  select a photo, apply PS4 techie magic.

The original - taken with my droid. A bit dark.
These old apples were lined up on a desk at work,
on their way to a different home.

Liking the "pixel" effect in this B&W.
Darkened up the bright window which was stealing the show.

Ready for an apple ad? Perhaps? Always good to imagine!

Since I'm an evening and sometimes on the week-end artist,
PS is wonderful, because there is no mess to clean up.  :)


neva gagliano said...

true, apple ad person .... no dirty finger nails, no running water needed.....
and 'mistakes' can be easily altered.
you know, you are such a teacher too...

Stephanie said...

gotta love them apples...