Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cords (and Staples)

Hello blogger buddies! I've missed you!
Have had major laptop failures and upgrades (AKA "learning opportunities") over the past month.
No data or photos lost - which is wonderful. Oh - and our mill levy passed - whew!
I work on several different laptops (very old Dell Inspiron (that needed to be replaced), a Toshiba tablet (that failed), and an imac. Have had to upgrade my mind to a new Toshiba and learn more about the imac, move from the comfort of Windows XP 2003 to Windows 7, Outlook 2010, move files, deal with the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death on the NEW laptop that is now working) and will be moving from Dreamweaver 8 to Dreamweaver CS 5 this weekend. So - my "creative time" in the blog world has moved to professional learning opportunites as the work deadlines remain the same. No rest for the wicked does come to mind.
The staples: our dog blew out her ACL. When we heard the news at the Vet, our 20+ year old kids said, "Mom, Stella is a suburban dog. Suburban people pay for this surgery. It's not like when you were growing up and you took the dogs out behind the barn and shot them." As if....

 So, Stella, our neurotic (now drugged) Aussie, is presently hobbling around on what looks like a giant shaved and stapled turkey leg. She has to be on a leash, no stairs (we live in a stair-filled house), in a small room, away from our other dog for 7 weeks.
Anyway - all is fine. Missing each of your blogs, photos, wonderful thoughts, humor and friendship.  But your blogs are like cookies to someone on a diet. I can't stop at "just 5 minutes" in the blog world - so I have to have a total (but temporary) ban on blogs. Planning to get my cord life a bit more under control during late December.
Happy Holidays all! Missing my "connections!"
XOX from me to YOU!
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La Dolce Vita said...

oh wow looks like your life got really big in a month of already too big... xx's

neva gagliano said...

when i was just beginning to think i was slightly "techy", i realize i know nothing after reading what's going on in your computer-base...
and the holidays daze...
and dogi in need of caregiving....
and....well, you're amazing at handling it all, i now. and wow@ the levy passing needs more kudos, too.
missing you. x0

Stephanie said...

oh my...your life has been turned upside down! Happy that you cope so well and are moving right along.

How's your sketchbook journal coming? It would be fun to get together with you and Frannie to peruse them before sending them off...

Happiest of Holidays to you!


Annie Stromquist said...

Enjoyed your updates. I admire your adventures in the techie world. I have a mac and love it, but I'm sure it can do so much more than I know how to make it do!