Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Explaining A Camera's Moment

Explaining the photo in my previous post, A Camera's Moment.
Nothing special about the photo. Honest.
No photoshop overlays, combining photos, etc.
I did crop the original photo and added some filter color, but that is it.

I think of going on a photo shoot, like going fishing.
I go to what I hope is a great place.
Then hang around, Cam the Camera in my hand,
looking for an opportunity.
And, of course, I always take a ton of photos - the benefit of digital.

I'm standing on a bridge 
just above an open air aquarium,
where the manta rays swim.  A bunch of them.
Reflections only work in a shaded area, so I hung around the shaded water.
And waited, snapping photos here and there.
The building was reflected in the water.
A manta ray happened to swim by.
I caught the moment.

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neva gagliano said...

very cool. and of course, mystery is always enticing. thanks for answering the call of the enquiring minds!!