Sunday, May 16, 2010


Have decided it is time to push my cautious self.
one post a creation by self,
one post a collaboration of self and Cam the camera.
most of the time.

a little something I mailed out to my friend Vicki
who does the most FABulous calligraphy.
I have been the recipient of wonderful cards for many years.
I save the envelopes.

From me t0 Vicki:

Created last week - it needed a home.

The flip side - masking tape and glue

my little coin envelope wasn't large enough,
so I slit open the side and tucked them in.

small sentiments for a long-time, mitten stated friend.

Folded up inside a wax paper wrapping.
and shipped.
it should arrive this week...


neva gagliano said...

SKYE STYLIN'...your marks are so unique to you. great plan to push. to share. why not?
(i relearned some lessons this week. the overdue-ing and trying for another's style. doesn't work. BUT I RElearn nicely!!! repetitious behavior often yields results in time)

Renee Howell said...

@neva: YES - that make your OWN mark thing. Sometimes we drown OURselves out with the noise of others. hmmmmm

Kelly Marszycki said...

So cool, this gift of yours to your friend! I agree with you both -- getting bogged down in imitation can distract -- finding one's own gestural marks is hard sometimes!

neva gagliano said...

SWITCHING BIG with that new banner. nice.
i switched ?something? and now there's not a place to leave comments on my last post. grrrrrrr.
maybe in the morning it will be clear.

Jill Zaheer said...

Just love the flow of the ink! Very creative and someone is going to be very very happy when they open their mailbox!!! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment as well!

ELK said...

lucky friend ..sweet gifts from an artist !

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I love your postcard. My eyes enjoy the simple lines and clean colours a lot.

S. Etole said...

it's hard to remain true to self ...

La Dolce Vita said...

post love is the best!!

Odd Chick said...

I loved your thoughtful mail art. You would love the book, "Good Mail Day" by Jennie Hinchcliff/Carolee Gilligan Wheeler.

Kimmie said...

lovely correspondence ..... not our mother's genre of carefully composed and politeful etiquetteful pleasantries ..... and your upcoming sewing projects ..... not the run of the mill home economics tedium

amen sista :)