Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Discovery: Zentangle

Discovery: Zentangle
for those doodling moments
when there is too much other stuff to do
and you just need a break...
First try



Once upon a time, about 5 years ago, I was a professional, long-arm quilter.  My business was built around custom designed, free-hand quilting (the stitches that hold the layers together) for my client's quilts.  Some competitive - some for home use.  Zentangle reminds my brain of the time I spent designing quilting patterns for unique quilts.  Doodling about with pen and paper, waiting to see what comes out.

p.s. Disclaimer in small print: I do not receive kickbacks, subsidies, money, gifts, etc. of any kind from the folks at Zentangle.


neva gagliano said...

wow....i can imagine this happening during THOSE meetings (rich fodder for the artistic side to move into action in order to survive)...i'm liking these zantanglings!

Renee Howell said...

@neva - oh how right you are. THOSE meetings. Of course, I AM supposed to be taking notes. :-)

Kimmie said...

your zentangles are wonderful! makes me want to go off and create one!

Bea said...

They can give them a fancy name but those are the same doodles that I spent hours and hours creating on my notebook, book covers, blank papers, etc. during endless boring classes, meetings and phone conversations with my mother.
NOW, I wish I had kept them. lololsnort :)Bea

Joan Elizabeth said...

I've done doodles like this for year ... not exactly smiled upon in executive meetings but it keeps me awake and people generally like the result.

As promised I have had a chance to look further down your blog, it looks like a fun place to visit.

bad penny said...

these are great ! I've seen other Bloggers do Zentangles but it's not a word I knew.

I doodled all the time at school & my best friend thought they were fabulous !

ELK said...

renee . i like them ..i have yet to try this . you inspire!

Renee Howell said...

@Kimmie - Thanks for the correct spelling! Zen, not Zan - I fixed my post.

@Bea - all those doodles - who knew it had a product opportunity!

@Joan Elizabeth - Visual folks need more than words to keep alert - my professional opinion

@bad penny - isn't it a great word? Zentangles. Love being able to use the letter Z.

@ELK - another way to use all those fun black marking pens, etc. and of course, some nice paper.

志竹 said...
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