Wednesday, January 27, 2010

City Sanity

Taking my camera around daily.
Pulling it out after meetings to snap some views.

Love the window reflections on the building to the right.
Never noticed it when I took the photo.
Love how a photo gives us the time to notice the details.

narrow alley view to the distant mountains

my world window reflections
With a hectic daily life, I find having my camera in my purse, gives me an extra art opportunity to look at the world with an artist's eye. Keeps me sane in a confusing world.
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neva gagliano said...

that artist eye in you and on you all the as friend.
always extraordinary to STOP it all, look back and see things that
we miss, like those reflections in the first shot...reminds me of some of the things you've painting in those soft colors, with 'repetition' of pattern.
i'm always excited to open your post when i see a new one listed on my sidebar.

keep the mountains in view between the busy buildings x0vllbff

ELK said...

renee these are wonderful contrasts with the mountains in the distance...and the reflection on the building ...i would not have guessed that...very nice! I carry my camera everywhere too!

Bea said...

These are great pictures to use for abstract paintings. Lots of lines, shapes, shadows. I love it. :)Bea

La Dolce Vita said...

oh yes!!

Kimmie said...

purposeful looking and intentional seeing ..... always calms me down too :)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This post is proof of having a camera available at all times. We never know when the perfect moment arrives and the camera always sees beyond our human eyes.. these buildings with rows of windows...great reflections!