Saturday, August 8, 2009


Surrounded. One never knows, and probably doesn't expect, what happens when seeds of ideas are planted. Especially if the ideas are nurtured a bit along the way. With the wild popularity of DisCo, I'm just wondering if this isn't a bit how Seth might feel? I know there are certainly days when I feel surrounded - not quite in an attack sort of mode - but surrounded none-the-less, by my own ideas. And then wondering how the heck things got so wildly beautiful and under their own control. :-)
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nancy neva gagliano said...

wonderful concept///analogy!!
e.b. white's last line in CHARLOTTE'S WEB was: "it's not often that someone comes along who's a true friend AND a good writer."

La Dolce Vita said...

lovely post Renee! I bet he does feel a bit like that! : )

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Love that scarecrow! I've been thinking of making one of those for our garden with the kids...Those sunflowers are wonderful too.

Thankyou for your lovely comment:)

Lisa Sarsfield said...

opps... too quick! lol
I think DIS-Co will stay with all of us for a while's been a great journey!