Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Have been arguing with blogger. Blogger wins THIS time. Accidently deleted (I actually think it's a bad blogger feature) the picture to the left, wanted it to be second...and have run out of time to figure out how to put it at the end of the line. So... here we are.

Another great gutter picture! Love starting the day with a camera in my hand. Even if it's taking pics of gutters!

Rain and then more rain has been our lives this summer. So walking has been on the streets - which has been interesting in the mornings. Isn't this a cool picture? Can you guess what it is????

Sopping wet rolled up newspaper in the driveway. Waiting, just waiting to get picked up. Cupcake with a strawberry and the ink from the other side shadowing through. I've been craving a cupcake ... Gosh - just noticed the shadow word..."soaking"

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ooglebloops said...

Great pix!! Wordpress is better at allowing you to place pix - but I have learned on blogger, if you post your first picture LAST, it will be in roughly the position you want!!!
I still haven't figured out how to position them where I want in the posting - other than the right, left, center they allow!!!

nancy neva gagliano said...

you're so in the gutter! "spot on" as THEY say.....the last one with the newspaper/cupcake/berry===it doesn't get any better than that serendipitousness. ha. wish i could have MADE that happen!! but: "I am an artist when I follow a line where it leads me"...and "whenever I look closely at the world around me." p l collins

Leslie said...

Loving the wet newspaper photo.

I make all my photos large and span the entire blog, so there's no thinking about left or right.

La Dolce Vita said...

FABULOUS!! LOL! both of us in the gutter! and putting the rain to good use! bravo!

Kimmie said...

really really cool shot of the newspaper ....
I love the peeling paint on the asphalt too.

I always upload my pictures 1st and then put text around them. And the pictures always post from bottom to top in the post so I keep that in mind too. HTH