Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1 - the morning of the UNVEILING

A bit nervous this morning - went out early to snap some photos of my bundles. It's cold and gray here - I am in sandals because it is my feeling that it is MAY and it SHOULD BE warm and sunny, so I will dress for the day I want.

I find myself excited about the unveiling. And also sad. As I took photos of some of my bundles that have spent the last 3 months hanging from the branches of a tree - I felt I was taking a photo of a bird that had died, flown for the last time. Laying still on their side, no more dancing with the wind for a partner.

I have the photos - now to figure out how to display them and what to say.


Seth said...

Looking forward to seeing the images!

Robyn said...

I enjoyed the whole bundle experience on your blog, thanks Renee.